About us

About us



CSG Prins Maurits is a school where pupils can fully develop. We do that not only by educating in a challenging way, but also providing the indispensable social security and sociability. Our school building and schoolyard are designed for it. Also our modern media library and auditorium, with its lunch corner ‘Prins Heerlijk’ are good examples of it. Furthermore, by clear rules of behavior and effective care structure, we can offer our students a good school period.


The School

About 1.530 pupils attend our school, which is staffed by approximately 170 employees. The school is governed by ‘The Union of Founding and Maintaining Christian Secondary Education at Goeree- Overflakkee’.  

Where do our student come from?
Students come from Goeree Overflakkee, part of the the islands of Zealand, West Brabant, the Hoekse Waard and Voorne Putten.Our school houses in a modern building, an up to date media library, a big auditorium and many practical training rooms. We think not only transfer of knowledge, but also student-care and personality-training are very important

The Christian Comprehensive School for Secondary Education Prins Maurits (CSG Prins Maurits) originated in 1990 on the first of August, when two schools in Middelharnis, the Christian Mavo and Havo and the Christian Domestic Science School ‘De Dillenburg’ merged. On that date a new department for Pre-University Education (VWO, Grammar School/High School) was also added. Since 2015 lessons in the subjects Greek and Latin have been given. Today the school offers a broad variety of education; Pre- University Education (Grammar School/High School), Senior General Secondary Education (Havo), Junior General Secondary Education (Mavo), Pre-Vocational Secondary Education (VMBO) with all learning pathways and learning support. And Vocational Training (praktijkonderwijs).

Prins Maurits
The name of our school ‘Prins Maurits’, (shortly PM) is commonly known in our part of the country, by the schooling we offer, in the way we educate and by the atmosphere that is spread. 

The Princes Maurits
The modern prince Maurits gave his name to our school. He of course was named after his famous forefather the prince Maurits, who played such an important role in our country’s history, as a statesman, protector of the church and especially as a general. Likewise the modern prince developed himself as an independent personality, who with full interest went on building, not only on the old, but also taking account of new developments. This also applies for the modern prince: he also developed  into an independent personality, who steps out of his background, but neither can be looked upon without it. In this manner we continue building on that history.



CSG Prins Maurits wants to be THE Protestant-Christian School of Secondary education for pupils of Goeree-Overflakkee and surrounding areas. It offers all types of secondary education and performs the internal and external quality requirements.

The school holds the Bible as the infallible word of God, with founded on It, the three forms of Unity as its cornerstone. This is the guide in teaching and acting, for every employee. Within a safe and respectful training environment, every student will receive tailored education and support, doing justice to everyone’s talents and ambitions. The students must be able to get a liberal education, add to knowledge, be invited to stand out to the best of their ability.

Our Vision
CSG Prins Maurits trains students to be independent human beings, accounting to God and fellow men. The education aims to shape our pupils into citizens with a vision based on our foundation,( the Bible as the infallible word of God).

We have summarised the significant aspects of our school in ten spearheads.

  1. The PM is a Protestant-Christian School. Visible in the morning and afternoon prayer. Most importantly we try to live according to God’s Word. And we account each other for it.
  2. We make the most of our students. The exam results are proof. They are above the national average. There is even a homework institute at school.
  3. Children at our school get to know themselves well. In the first form we teach the subject personal development and coaching. The way we care for our students is well structured.
  4. When parents are involved, the pupil does better. Therefore we have information evenings and parents can see their children’s marks online. 
  5. Language is important Therefore there are extra language programmes and we organise Language Village annually.
  6. The PM also looks beyond the border. All our pupils get the chance to make an excursion to a foreign country. There are youth exchange programmes and projects with foreign schools.
  7. It is good to be creative. At our school Music, drawing, arts and crafts  are exam subjects. Also there are different school choirs and an active Culture Club.
  8. Relaxing after school by exercising, is also possible at our school. We even have tournaments.
  9. The PM offers all types of secondary education, in one attractive building. The school houses an enjoyable atmosphere to our pupils. Practically all our students look back upon happy school years.



Vocational Training (PRO)
Pupils who despite intensive support in the learning pathway, will not be able to obtain a certificate, can enter Vocational classes. This type of education aims at vulnerable youths, who on their way to adulthood need extra care for a future of living, leisure and work. This care differs from one person to another. Most pupils will not continue studying after this school, but will be guided towards employment. Also see the leaflet and department-leaflet about PRO. 

Pre-Vocational Secondary Education (VMBO)
The Pre-Vocational Secondary Education (VMBO) prepares pupils in four years for Vocational Secondary Education (MBO). In this school department pupils choose a certain learning pathway and a sector. (The route tells something about the learning style of the pupil and the sector is preparation for follow-up study and a working area. See also the  leaflet and department leaflet of the VMBO.

The more theoretically-minded pupils can do the theoretical programme at our school for four years. They do only general school subjects, like Dutch, English, Mathematics, Biology and Economy. After the central exams they can move on to other secondary education, like General Secondary Education (Havo), or MBO (level 3 or 4). For Havo read the authorisation code for progression from Mavo 4 – Havo 4. See also the  leaflet and department leaflet of the MAVO

Senior General Secondary Education (Havo)
The five years of senior general secondary education are for students who like to work towards the theory after the concrete examples of society. Havo graduates will continue studying at higher vocational education (HBO), Vocational Secondary Education (MBO) or Pre-University Education (VWO). Also see our leaflet and department-leaflet.

Pre-University Education (VWO, Grammar School/High School)
The Pre-University Education is for intelligent students with a sense for analysis and the ability to study independently. Graduates usually continue their study at university. Also read the leaflets on VWO and  Gymnasium (=grammar School) and the department-leaflet.